Back To Back Cable Tie

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Back To Back Cable Tie

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Shenzhen DongSanXin Textile Co., Ltd was established in the spring of 1998,during this time expanding business constantly ,and by the end of 2000 set up production base in Longgang ,there are more than 100 employees . We have professional experience more than 18 years on producing different types hook loop products.
Our products are precision engineered, and are manufactured under strict quality-control systems. Our company’s line of high-quality Hook & Loop provides advantages for every job: strength, durability, speed, convenience and economy. Our premium Hook & Loop are formulated for optimal polishing performance and consistently superior quality. Our Hook & Loop is tested in our in-house laboratory for speed, safety, and life expectancy. Engineering Hook & Loop to specific customer needs. When an application needs a fast, optimum quality of grinding, and a cost effective solution, we can engineer a product.
All kinds of magic tape ,Adhesive hook and loop ,Hook and loop fastener Strap , Hook and loop Cable Tie ,Fastener ,Hook and loop Buckle strap , Pallet strap and so on.
Widely used in electronic science and technology industry ,household ,computer ,textiles ,Plastics ,automotive ,aviation ,shopping mall ,logistics ,etc.
Four production line for application of adhesive ,twenty sets ultrasonic bonding machine,and eight sets of CNC punching machine and slitting machine ,slicing machine ,hot cutting machine and other production equipment.
The main markets are Western Europe ,North America ,Southern Europe ,Southeast Asia ,Eastern Europe ,Northern Europe ,South America ,etc .The top 3 markets are Western Europe :20.00% ;North America :10.00% ;Southern Europe :10.00%
1.Pre-sales Services: Communicate with customers to understand customer needs; To provide professional technical advisory services and at any time to study the reception and a variety of convenient conditions.
>2.Sales of Services: Be patient to help customers select goods for customers, display products, detailed instructions on how to use the product to answer customer questions, etc.
3.After-Sales Services: 1. Accept OEM ,flexible OEM services
2.Free cut off wheel sample for quality testing
3.Fast and stable delivery time
4.Professional and fast service ,quick response at any timeBack To Back Cable Tie
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