Galvanizing Machine suppliers

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Galvanizing Machine suppliers

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Acid Air scrubber system
Air Scrubber System is mainly made from PP material or FRP material. It consists of air ejector fan, water spray system, acid-proof pump, acid-proof pipes and electrical control system.
We adopt two step for recycling and cost-efficiency reasons. The first tower provide water spray in the tower, the little water react with acid fume into liquid acid. The zinc fume coming from galvanizing bag filter can be used here, the zinc powder will react with liquid acid, into zinc chloride which can be used in fluxing tank in the enclosure room.
The second tower, we place caustic soda here to make sure the release of air there is clean and without acid. Because of first tower, we don’t need as much caustic soda as it only have one tower efficiency, roughly 70% to 85% reduction of the consumption of caustic soda. And we recycle the waste of each part to make it cost-efficiency.
If you have interest on our product and service, please contact us, amanda@machine-steel.comGalvanizing Machine suppliers
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