hollow handle Serving Knife And Fork

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hollow handle Serving Knife And Fork

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Our History
HELLOKNIFE, a professional manufacturer in premium-grade stainless steel dinnerware and kitchenware, started with a dream and desire to create something new, something of consequence, something lasting.
In HELLOKNIFE's vision, dinnerware and its soul are "not only or for the dining table" but they are designed and produced to be artistic a pleasure to enjoy, to care for and to inherit. Since founded in 2005, with the idea of creating classics for the dining table, we have created a stainless steel product line which combines functionality and design, including kitchen knives, cutlery, kitchen tools, BBQ etc.
Now we have owned a series of distinctive products with international patent. Most of them were sent to famous design contests overseas, and the "KAIKO" series was awarded the IF 2010 Design Awarded Germany, where all well know international house ware brands compete.
As a manufacturer, OEM and ODM are also available. Your own idea will be fulfilled form conception to completion here. HELLOKNIFE is young, but it is easy to remember, for its own elegant style, nice forged technology and perfect service.
Our Product
Cheese knife, kitchen knife, cutlery , steak knife, carving set, salad servers, BBQ tools, cheese board, chopping board
Product Application
Kitchen , hotel , restaurant, table , wedding , canteen
Our Certificate
IF design award
Production Market
Europe area , USA , Australia etc.,hollow handle Serving Knife And Fork
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