msds anionic polyelectrolyte polymer suppliers

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msds anionic polyelectrolyte polymer suppliers

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Our Location
Yixing Cleanwater Chemicals Co., Ltd. is located in the hometown of environmental protection- Jiangsu Yixing city aside the Taihu lake.
Our company enters water treatment industry since 1986 by providing the chemicals and solutions for all kinds of industrial and municipal sewage treatment plants. We are one of the earliest companies producing and selling water treatment chemicals in China. We cooperate with more than 10 scientific research institutes to develop new products and new applications. We have accumulated rich experience and formed the perfect theoretical system, quality control system and a strong ability of supporting services. Now we have developed into a large scale of water treatment chemicals integrator.
Our main products:
Water decoloring agent
Coagulant for paint fog
PAC Poly Aluminium Chloride
Heavy metal remove agent
ACH Aluminum Chlorohydrate
Crystalline aluminium chloride
Odor control chemicals
Oil water separating agent
Poly ferric sulphate
FS Ferrous sulfate
Chemicals for RO membrane
Bacteria agent
Color fixing agent
Formaldehyde-free fixing agent
Our decoloring agent series are mainly used to treat waste water from textile, printing and dyeing, paper making, paint, pigment, dyestuff, printing ink, coal chemical, petroleum, petrochemical, coking production, pesticides and other industrial fields. They have leading ability to remove color, COD and BOD. Our decoloring agent CW 08 is well received by the customers and widely used in the production.
Flocculant series are widely applied in the production of various types of industrial enterprises and sewage treatment.

Fixing agent series are widely used in printing and dyeing, paper making industries, etc. Our paper additives series include paper making anionic trash catcher, reinforcing agent, sizing agent and charge neutralization agent.
Bacteria series are widely used in all kinds of waste water biochemical system, aquaculture projects and so on.
Application fields:
Textile and dyeing industry
Paper making industry
Paint industry
Mining industry
Oil field Industry
Our Market
More than 50% products are exported to foreign markets such as southeast Asia, North America, Europe, central and South America, they are deeply welcomed by our clients.
Our Goal and Tenet
‘CLEAN WATER CLEAN WORLD’ is our company's goal. ‘Rapid response, Immediate action, Excellent quality, Credit first’ is our company's tenet. We believe that we can meet the requirements of domestic and foreign customers with high quality products, reasonable price, timely delivery and perfect service.msds anionic polyelectrolyte polymer suppliers
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