1 Axis Positioner manufacturers

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1 Axis Positioner manufacturers

Postprzez hellokittyki » Cz wrz 19, 2019 8:30 am

Small 1 axis positioner
We supply small 1 axis positioner. the positoner can connect MIG robot and TIG robot. It is compact designed, the quality is very good. We have our own factory to design and produce high quality positioner.

1. Product Introduction
Small 1 axis positioner is our smallest positioner. In the past we bought positioner from other companies, but we found the quality is not so good, so from 2016 we produce it ourselves. The small positioner is our classical model. Its price is cheap but quality is good.

2. Product Parameter
Rated Input VoltageWork Table
Repeatability(mm)Stop PositionWeight
Three-phase 380V1800×800100kg±0.01Anywhere450
Three-phase 380V2500×800100kg±0.01Anywhere450

3. Product details
This model has two sizes. The difference is work table size. We have 1800mm length and 2500mm length. The payload is 100kg from axis line. The work piece is turned up to the maximum speed is 148 degree per second. The motor insulation class is F.

4. Delivery time and service
Delivery time is 40 days. We have professional team to do after sales service. In our service department, we have 3 mechanical engineers, 2 electrical engineers and 4 software engineers. We provide good service to confirm the robot can work well in customer factory.

5. FAQ
D: Do you have EAC certificate for Russia?
A: Yes, we have EAC certificate.

D: Does the power source have CE certificate?
A: Yes, the MEGMEET brand has CE certificate.

D: Do your company have any plan about future?
A: We want to develop more models with good quality cheap price.

D: Why your robot is cheaper than others?
A: We produce almost all the parts inside robot ourselves. Other companies need to buy parts from other companies.

D: Do you have customers in Indonesia?
A: Yes, we have good customers in Indonesia. 1 Axis Positioner manufacturers
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