Custom Kraft Paper Tape

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Custom Kraft Paper Tape

Postprzez hellokittyki » Cz wrz 19, 2019 8:32 am

Kraft paper gummed tape (water activated kraft paper tape) is coated with vegetable glue and used in framing and packing applications. It was widely used in carton sealing ,packaging, fixing, heavy duty-packing,etc. It’s a good alertative of the traditional plastic tape.
Typical Feature:
1.100% recyclable, free of pollution, good for environment;
2. Very good adhesion and strong tensile strength, suitable for heavy duty packaging.
3. It could coated with fiberglass, which called Reinfoced Gummed Kraft Paper Tape.
As it's of very strong tensile strength, it's widely used in heavy duty packaging.
4. It could be printed for advertising purpose.
Technical Data
Our advantage
1.Eco-friendly,waterproof, heat resistance, easy tear, strong adhesion and tensile strength, recycled .
2.Basics Kraft paper based , painting PE one side, coating natural rubber or hot melt adhesive on the back. We have general Kraft tape and water activated Kraft tape.
3.Good adhesion to the surface of product, when peeling it would damage the surface of packing.
4.Special quality and specification can be customized
Company Profile
CertificationCustom Kraft Paper Tape
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