crane control panel in stock

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crane control panel in stock

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1、Our History
Hefei Kiwi Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Hefei, Anhui Province Feidong daguo Industrial Park,China. Company was founded in 2010, is a crane and material handling products manufacturing and service provider.
2、Our Factory
we are committed cranes and material handling technology development and research, the use of new ideas, develop new products, the constant pursuit of industrial progress, leading the development of the industry. Business centralized high-end equipment development, design, manufacture, installation and service, to supply "one-stop" of "customized" materials handling equipment, and provide customers with product lifecycle management, resolve customer worries.
3、Our Product
Our products include the crane end carriage, DRS wheel block, jib cranes, electric overhead cranes, suspension cranes, gantry crane, electric hoist, gear motors, crane wheels, crane accessories and other products.
4、Product Application
Applicable to the factory workshop, metallurgy, chemical industry, mining, outdoor freight yard, quarrying, injection molding, mold and other industries
5、Our Certificate
6、Production Equipment
Uncoiler,Blasting machine,CNC plasma cutting machine,CNC milling machine
7、Production Market
Exported to USA, RUSSIA,AUSTRALIA, Southeast Asia market,Favored by customers
8、Our service
We have technical experts and professional technical services team to provide customers with comprehensive pre-sales technical support and after-sales service system, so you have no worries, to meet customer demand for a variety of conditions, regardless of your needs, kiwicrane are committed to providing you the best of lifting equipment and comprehensive services to enhance your business value and performance.crane control panel in stock
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