CNC Lathe Turning Machine for sale

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CNC Lathe Turning Machine for sale

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Our Factory
Changzhou FuShengJin WeiHang Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a collection research and development, manufacturing ,sales and service as one of CNC lathe machine professional enterprises. Dedicated to creating more values by providing various types of high-speed, high-precision CNC lathe machine and milling machine products, but also continue to introduce new ideas making innovation to make available comprehensive solution catering to customers’ processing demands.
Our company located in Wujin Disct,Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province in the Yangtze Delta, the Company is home to world’s advanced production and processing devices, integrated precision test means and advanced production and assembly management system.
Since its inception, the company has been implementing the "customer first, quality first" business principles, believe in "quality first, letter-based" purposes, the product "high quality and efficiency" and continue to improve and develop. Based on now, look to the future. We will be strict management, superior quality, honest service, reform and innovation, market development.
Quality changes the future and service realizes the dream. Friends from all circles all over the world are warmly welcomed here for cooperation and better future.
Our Product
Fu sheng Jin is is a collection research and development, manufacturing ,sales and service as one of CNC lathe enterprises. Our CNC lathe have the following features: high machining accuracy, stable processing quality.; Multi-coordinate linkage, machining complex parts; When machining parts change, it is generally necessary to change the nc program, which can save the time of production preparation; High precision and high rigidity, which can choose favorable processing amount and high productivity; High degree of automation of the machine can reduce labor intensity. Our products are exported to southeast Asia, North America, Russia and other countries, won the general customer's unanimous praise.
Product Application
CNC lathe is mainly used for cutting the inner and outer cylindrical surfaces of the shaft parts or the disk parts, the inner and outer conical surfaces with arbitrary cone angles, the inner and outer surfaces with complex revolutions, the cylindrical surfaces and the conical threads, and can perform grooving, drilling, reaming, reaming and boring Hole and so on.
Production Market
Southeast Asia, South America, Central Asia, Russia
Our service
Pre-sales service
A. Free technical consulting services for users.
B. Provide product catalog,company profile, credit certificate and other informations.
C. Invite users to visit our company to study product design, product manufacturing process, product prototype, product testing facilities and quality management system.
D. Invite users to visit our domestic customers and hear their recommendations
E. Our company can appoint experienced technicians to design and select according to the on-site situation and technical parameters provided by users for free.
On-purchase service
In the manufacturing process, inviting relevant technical personnel to my company.Examine each working procedure in the process of manufacturing inspection, and provide the product inspection standard and inspection results.
After-sales service
A. After shipment, we will arrange a special person check and delivery of goods on site.
B. Free installation instructions and other services for the products sold.
C. Our company is equipped with a high-quality after-sales service team based on technical personnel.Make sure the user will be satisfied with the reply and deal with the customer's service information or feedback in the shortest time.
D. The warranty period of our products is one year.
E. Our products are in the service of "three guarantees", which is due to the quality problems of our company.CNC Lathe Turning Machine for sale
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