Best Price Peanut Candy Production Line

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Best Price Peanut Candy Production Line

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Dongtai Hanyuan Food Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is one of the largest professional food machinery manufacturer and exporter in China. Dongtai Hanyuan was established in Feb. 2009, since then, the company has continuously developed at a high speed. At present, the company has a total staff of 68, two factories (floor area of 16000m2).
Dongtai Hanyuan specializes in the production of Food Forming Machine, Frying Machine, Baking Machine,Moulding Machine, Packing Machine, the Nutrition Cereal Bars line, the Energy Bar/Protein Bar Processing Line, the Rice and Nuts Bar Moulding Line, the Caramel Treats Line, the Oatmeal Chocolate Line, and other kinds of food machinery. The company provides professional food machinery customization service and food production technology consulting service. The company has passed the ISO9000 quality system certification, and its products have passed the CE certification.
Dongtai Hanyuan is a technology-based industrial manufacturer, integrated with design, production, sales function, its technical force is strong, its product manufacturing experience is abundant, it owns a group of professional research staff. The company wins the trust and praise of domestic and overseas customers with its highly professional dedication, advanced design philosophy, reliable products quality, perfect after-sales service system. The company will provide the more practical and more intelligent products for the new and old customers based on the concept of professional design, elaborate manufacture.
Excellent Enterprise Culture
1.Corporate slogan: professional design, elaborately manufacturing.
2.Customer satisfaction is the most important measure of our performance.
3.The employees, company's most important wealth, employees' welfare and living standard is the embodiment of the company management.
4.Products, continuously innovating products are the fundamental development of the company.
5.Quality, quality of the product and service are the lifeblood of the company's development.
6.Brand, the mirror of the company's product and service.
7.Market, finding and exploring the best market for us, and strive for the highest share.
8.Management, the basic principle of all business activities: standardization, scientization and humanization.
Excellent Management Structure
Our company sets up eight functional departments: General Manager, GM Office, Publicity&Sales Department, Finance Department, Production Department (Order Management, Production Group, Delivery Group), Technology Department (R&D, Quality-Inspection Group, Debugging Group and After-Sales Group), Purchasing&Warehousing Department, Logistics Department.
Each department closely cooperate with each other to provide more practical and better food machinery and production technology for customers.
Excellent Management Mode
The "6S Order Management Mode" is the essence of our company's management experience. We can manage customers' order by process and accountability mechanism, which can guarantee the quality, quantity and speed of the order production.
The "Bespoke Mode for Big Customer" is our company management innovation, able to bring the personalized, differentiated service into the business, can improve customer's satisfaction and promote the economic benefits of both parties.Some functional element brands of the machine can be chosen by customers' free choice, the structure and function of the machine can be designed according to customers' special requirements, and the products produced can be more adapted to meet the need of customers'.
Excellent After-sales Service

One-stop After-sales Service,72-hours Quick Response.
HANYUAN MACHINERY have many years' experience of food machine research and manufacturing experience,acquiring much food production technology. We can provide one-stop service for the customers(complete sets of equipment procurement, plant layout, production technology consulting).
In order to support the using efficiency of the food machine sold out at home and abroad,the HANYUAN company have established a perfect after-sale system in all over the world to provide rapid after-sales service.
HANYUAN MACHINERY provides for all equipment: 1 year warranty service, and take the lead in proposing the concept of lifelong maintenance in the industry (after the warranty period, the cost of accessories and the cost of labor are charged according to its real cost).
Contact Us
Hours: Monday-Saturday 8:00 am-18:00 pm
Tel.: 86-515-89511658
Fax: 86-515-85736058
Add.: Fangong Xingyu Industry Park, Dongtai City, Jiangsu Province, China

Contact: Mr. Chen
Office: 86-515-89511658
Mobile: 86(0)17305153151
WhatsApp:+86 17305153151
Skype:+86 17305153151
WeChat:+86 17305153151Best Price Peanut Candy Production Line
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